If you are single and looking for your soul mate, you can use Galgil to find exactly what you are looking for without spending a lot of time browsing profiles. You specify your attributes and preferences. Galgil looks at all relevent candidates of the opposite sex and assigns you five candidates that are available and are best bet for you. If a candidate is assigned to you , you are also assigned to him/her. So it makes sense for both parties to contact each other and proceed to the next step. Galgil will also give you the top matches. If you see a better match in your matches that is not assigned to you, it is because there are better choices available for the candidate and you would most likely waste your time by pursuing that candidate. However, you are free to communicate with the candidate and see if he/she is interested. Galgil allows you to communicate anonymously till you feel comfortable to share your personal information.

You can upload photos and describe yourself and your match in text, as on traditional web sites. However, this description is only for review by the matching person. The engine does matching based on your and the other person's attributes and preferences, so you should make sure that your attributes objectively represent you and your preferences objectively represent the person you are looking for. If the existing attributes are not enough, go ahead and add new ones. Unlike other web sites, all attributes are added by members. As such they represent what is important to people. Galgil approves all the attributes, but the sole criteria is to make sure that the system is not abused and duplicate attributes are not added.

It is also very important to maintain your assignments. If you are sure you don't want to pursue a person who is assigned to you, reject the assignment as soon as possible. Since the assignment engine finds the best bets for both parties, the most probable cause for rejection could be your assessment of the person based on the photos or text description. When you reject a person, you will be assigned a new one. Maintaining your assignments helps everyone involved.

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